and each period is creating a layer
that later becomes an issue
Urban environment is a projection of technological, social and economic changes.
Long Lines Building
Long Lines Building is a 550-foot-tall (170 m) skyscraper in Lower Manhattan, New York City. It is a telephone exchange or wire center building which contained three major 4ESS switches used for interexchange (long distance) telephony, as well as a number of other switches used for competitive local exchange carrier services.

The Intercept reported that the building is a NSA base which also houses equipment for controversial government data collection named TITANPOINTE.
High Line
The High Line is a 1.45-mile-long (2.33 km) elevated linear park, greenway and rail trail created on a former New York Central Railroad spur on the west side of Manhattan in New York City. The abandoned spur has been redesigned as a "living system" drawing from multiple disciplines which include landscape architecture, urban design, and ecology. Since opening in June 2009, the High Line has become an icon of contemporary landscape architecture.
Rust Belt
This area was once known for steel production and heavy industry. That industry has greatly decreased since the middle of the 20th century. As the name might imply, the area has sort of turned to "rust", like what happens to old steel. Much of this decrease in industry is because of the United States using manufacturers from other countries. It became an Industrial hub because of its proximity to The Great Lakes, canals, and rivers which companies used to access raw materials and ship out products.