The way of operating of self -driving cars will change from human driven linear movement to algorithm driven swarm intelligence movement. Self-driving cars will also require the creation of new infrastructure.
Self-driving vehicles
Car becoming not private property
Automation of vehicles will also lead to change in ownership of cars. Car as not private property, but something we only rent, will operate by itself, while we don't need it. As a result of it the relationship between road systems in cities and places to keep not private cars will change.
Automation of production sites and storage facilities will lead to change in typology of those. As people are not going to interact with the production process there is no more need for daylight or human access.
Automated production sites and storage facilities
Sharing economy and owning less renting more
In capitalism, the sharing economy is a socio-economical system build around the sharing of resources. While having the possibilities of changing the working and living environment, the need to own a house is smaller than ever.
As the pace of our life is becoming faster, we are looking for the ways to minimize the number of unnecessary activities. With help are coming subscription based services for everyday life activities like cleaning or cooking.
Everyday service subscription
Co-working gaining popularity
Raising popularity of co-working model and development of companies like WeWork shows that it is more effective to create an open platform for people, who need space to work rather than building company dedicated office space.
Most companies are looking to do one of three things; grow their company, work towards an exit plan, or both. Nowadays the rate of growing is unprecedented, and many companies are looking for structures, which can accommodate the growth without the need to move.
Growth — and exit — strategies
Development of AI
Advancement of AI is providing new opportunities for predicting changes in urban environment, before they actually happen. Infrastructure can adapt to predicted changes, instead of solving already existing problems.
The IoT helps to build a network of electronic devices, car as well as buildings and elements of infrastructure. This kind of intertwined connections will also affect the urban environment, the need to plan parking and traffic junctions won't be so necessary anymore.
Upcoming Internet of Things